Personal Well-Being & Peak Performance


Personal Breakthrough

A one day intensive therapy session to literally transform your life, including banishing all negative emotions from the past, and installing new values, beliefs and strategies for your future success.

Personal Coaching

A complete program to ignite positive changes in all areas of your life                                                  Read more...

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Start living your life with the full knowledge of what you are most happiest doing

Unlimited Success: Goal Program

Change your luck forever with our unique approach to personal goal setting and achievement.            Read more...

Fears & Phobias

Spiders, Heights, Presenting & Public Speaking, Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Snakes

Anger & Anxiety

Anger Management, Rage, Road Rage, Anxiety and Panic

Health & Wellbeing Issues

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Persistent Back, Neck, Joint or Muscle pain, Weight-loss, Sleeplessness

Food & Drink: Now Wanting To Dislike

Quickly dislike foods & drinks that you don’t want to like anymore (perhaps because they aren’t good for you or your diet)

Food & Drink: Now Wanting To Like

Quickly like foods & drinks that you now want to eat (because you know they are good for you or must now have them in your diet)

Confidence & Stress

Exam Preparation and Memory, Public Speaking, Speeches, Performance Anxiety

Bad Habits

Smoking, Nail-biting, Bruxism (teeth-grinding)

Bi-Polar Disorder

Our Personal Breakthrough work has been shown to help manage or eliminate the symptoms of Bi-Polar Disorder

Get rid of the things in your life that you no longer want and permanently replace them with what you do want.  Using the latest techniques from NLP, Hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy™ we can make you feel better about yourself and your life within hours (not months), it really is that simple.

Our Specialities

It Doesn’t Have to be this Difficult to Change What’s Wrong in your World

Making things go away for good

Creating a whole new you